• Our company representatives travel to different regions in Myanmar, and build-up the long-term labour supply networks via job fairs, headhunt interviews, etc.
  • Based on the requirements, our workers can be classified into: 1) Unskilled labour 2) Semi-skilled labour, and 3) Skilled labour
  • In addition to business supporting trainings, we also provide language skills training so that our clients are able to recruit qualified manpower.
  • Producing the best manpower with systematical interviews and scrutinizing the medical examination processes, both local & international employers will also be able to recruit qualified workers with extensive work experience.


  • In regards of legitimate work opportunities, we require our employees to register “Labour ID Cards” at respective regional government offices first.
  • The employees are, then, required to register again at our company office based on the types of jobs applied.
  • Only after the two-step registration, we approve the employees to proceed with their job interviews.


  • Job seekers are usually interviewed by employers or representatives directly from hiring companies.
  • Selected candidates are then prepared to start work as soon as possible, and the rest will be put under standby list or for other work interviews.
  • The final employment terms can be agreed between employers and employees directly during interviews.
  • During the interview, all candidates are briefed about the job desciption in detail via projector.


  • Medical examination can be performed in short period of time and a certificate of medical examination can be obtained for employees’ that succeed interviews at Vichaivej International Hospital Group which is approved by the Ministry of Labour and represented by Labour Asia Services Co., Ltd.


  • Our company will also assist with day-1 orientation and briefing before the start of work:
    • Location and nature of work
    • Salaries and other monetary benefits
    • Living expenses and other expenses
    • Working hours, holidays, and types of leaves
    • Overtime payment
    • Welfare and social security
    • Medical aid and insurances
    • Rules and regulations of the work


  • In addition, we also provide relevant basic trainings to the employees before starting work (if needed)
    • Language used in the hiring country
    • The hiring country’s / region’s basic regulations
    • Other pre-employment trainings.


  • For employees going overseas employment, our company helps arrange getting passports from the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • In case of work visa applications, our company also collaborates with respective overseas employers to expedite the overall process


  • Our company is always willing to help solve potential disputes between employers and employees
  • In order to tackle such issues effectively, we have an office branch in Bangkok (our main overseas market)


  • Our company has a MOU agreement with both Thailand and Myanmar governments, and thus, we can send the employees overseas easily especially for Thailand market
  • We aim to promote the legitimate labour market to protect both employees/ employers, and eventually eliminate illegal human trafficking
  • Since 2012, our company has been sending over 5,000 employees per year


  • Providing courses that are internationally recognized industry, craftsmanship and able to learn foreign languages fluently.
  • To be able to make easy and fast bank transactions to Myanmar from international countries.
  • To be able to hold weekly lectures (FOC) which includes international laws for both employers & employees’, characteristics and rules.
  • In order to expand our services and dispatch manpower globally.